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Store Opening Feedback

These are a few of the stores our Field team has opened. Some information is intentionally omitted for confidentiality purposes.

Dallas, Texas
Dallas' Story:

This couple came to the 2014 Winter conference and the 2014 Summer conference. They took advantage of the Store Opening program and by the Fall of 2014 they were opened. We wound up getting them a larger space in the same building for 1/2 the price during the intense lease negotiations. The Store Opening Delivery is valuable!


Montreal, Canada
Montreal's Story:

Dawn came to our Summer Conference of 2013. She immediately became a store opening client so we could help her find a location in Montreal. After doing so we began the lease negotiations. After securing the lease by the Winter Conference and going through the grueling process of getting the products cleared through customs, we had her opened before the next Summer Conference. Persistent she is and will make a great owner. This location is intimate, but has a lot of personality and is expected to yield great returns for this international client.


Atlanta's Story:

Victoria, a successful business owner with over a decade of business experience, Googled Prof Devin after developing a desire to own a store. She then registered for the Beauty Supply Academy 9-month program but after a few months and attending the Beauty Supply Entrepreneurship Summer Conference 2013, she decided to begin the process of store ownership. She had us find her location, negotiate the lease and everything else covered in the package. See her transition and view her story.


Maryland's Story:

Lisa met Professor Devin at a conference where her dream for store ownership was born. Robert (her husband) accompanied her at the very next Beauty Supply Entrepreneurship Summer Conference. They decided to apply for Capstone Elite membership and was accepted. They returned to the Winter Conference and made their first move to store ownership by joining the ranks of Full Contact Store Delivery clients. We found their location and after numerous visits to sort out unforeseen problems and many late nights filled with hiccups converting their shell to a beautiful store we got them opened for business with instant success.


Detroit, MI
Detroit's Story:

Professional stylist and salon owner, Kelli, and real estate investor, Princess, decided after 3 years of following Professor Devin's work, to attend the 2013 Summer conference. Their store was ready for customers by the 2014 Winter conference.


Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles' Story:

This store owner came to our Los Angeles conference in 2013. She already had her location picked out and simply needed us to put the pieces together. This location is intimate but packs a heavy punch in regards to location. We see success in her horizon.


Fresno, CA
Fresno's Story:

These business partners came to the Los Angeles California Beauty Supply Store Start-Up Winter Conference in March 2013, decided this business was what they wanted to hire and hired Beauty Supply Institute to do the job. Including lease negotiations, store build-out and everything else between, this store is ready for business by September 2013.


Houston's Story:

Pesky contractors and hardballing landlords can derail any dream. This owner came to us with a vision for a premier beauty supply store. Her vision was interrupted by unforeseen obstacles that we both had to go to bat for. Our abilities were tested but we eventually got all we wanted done.


Mississippi's Story:

Her bank said the business plan we did for her was perfect! This Capstone Elite member and two-time conference attendee became a Store Opening Delivery client immediately after we finished her business plan. Because of that we were able to seize an opportunity where she opened for far less than it would normally cost.


New York City
New York's Story:

This owner came to the Winter conference in Las Vegas in 2012 and was opened 8 months later. We worked with him on his business planning and necessary documents to obtain his funding. To view the owner's video testimonies click here and here.


Virginia's Story:

This trio came to our Atlanta conference with no funding and had a vision! After the conference in August and our funding class in September, we were able to get their store opened in time for Christmas.


Texas's Story:

This absentee owner called us after signing a lease not sure what to do next. Our team arrived in Houston, laid out the design and began the ordering for her store. On our second arrival we handled database and details, allowing us to be in and out within 48 hours. We opened the doors on our final day there and this owner was making sales before we could completely pack up and leave. Her words: "We could've never done this without BSI... you guys are extremely professional and knowledgeable."


Florida's Story:

This couple bought the How to Become a Successful Beauty Supply Store Owner book in October 2010, came to the Summer conference in August 2011 and was opened by Christmas in 2011, after multiple location setbacks. They credit the Beauty Supply System, conference and online courses as the key elements for their knowledge base and our Field Ops team for their Grand Opening.


Indiana's Story:

This store owner called us to perform a Site Review and it took off from there!


Ohio's Story:

After attending our annual Beauty Supply Entrepreneurship Conference, this owner secured a location, contacted us and we had her "ready-for-business" all within a two-month period.



Alabama's Story:

Since the original location became unavailable and set the owner's opening date back by a month, we were given a strict and fast-approaching Grand Opening deadline! After we assisted with negotiating the lease, we converted this space with 5 days of work and 15 days of coordination.


South Carolina
South Carolina's Story:

This salon owner came to us after finding an interest in placing a beauty supply right next door to the salon within the same building. After she participated in online classes and read through the system, we were called in to convert the empty space. This job took 6 days of work and 2 weeks of coordination.


Georgia's Story:

This owner came to us after investing thousands of dollars and six months of headache with a different company who made promises they couldn't keep. After agreeing to work with us, we took this store from an empty shell to being opened and completely stocked within 30 days.







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