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  Beauty Supply System (Self-Study Program) - $199.99
For a limited time: This package includes the Owner Preparation: Understanding the Industry online class
This “Do it Yourself” starter System will give you the industry contacts you are looking for and more:
System Includes:

● The self-help book "How to Become a Successful Beauty Supply Store Owner" gives step-by-step directions on how to successfully open a store and minimize mistakes.
● Audio Quick Start CD
● Funding Providers
● Business plan outline
● Store Layout Diagrams
● Major Distributors Listing

Due to retailing regulations, this system does not provide specific wholesale prices for products.

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  Enroll in the Capstone Elite Membership - $750
Get MORE Value for the Dollar with our most Comprehensive Package Deal

Exclusive Capital Investment Opportunities
● "How to Get Start-Up Funding" Online Course (CAPSTONE MEMBERS ONLY)
● Complimentary entrance to 1 Summer and 1 Winter Conference=$798
● Beauty Supply System=$199
● Operation & Employee Manual=$25
● Store Opening Newsletter Mention
 (1x)=value at $250
● Product Listing in Beauty System Resource Book=value at $500 (Lifetime non-transferable)
● Store Start-Up Course=$249 Store Management Course=$299 Owner Preparation: Understanding the Industry Class=$149
● 10% off All 1:1 Services and Consulting=$varies
● Free Admission to Workshops - varies
(Lifetime non-transferable - Free entrance for workshop only. Non-BSI Expo fee may apply)
● Polo Shirt with Capstone Membership Distinction=$35
● Audio Quick Start CD (audio)
● 7 Tips to Opening a Beauty Supply Store CD (audio)

Capstone Elite Tele-Series

Join our handpicked subject matter experts (SME’s) on our monthly Capstone Elite Tele-Series.
ONLY if you are a member.

  • Stress Management, Time Management, Health Management, Productivity Techniques
  • Critical Thinking, Effective Communications
  • Credit Management, Cash-flow Management, Capital Acquisition, Pitching, Loan Acquisition/Management
  • Collective Strategies, Dollar Circulation, Best Practices in Business

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    International orders will require additional shipping fees

  2-Book Direct Study - $44.95
These two books will specifically aid the transitioning entrepreneur in their journey into beauty supply ownership. The "Power M.O.V.E." book contains techniques to successfully grasp the concept of being an entrepreneur, employer and business owner. You will need to understand all 3 ideals and know how to conquer the challenges that arise amidst the journey. The "How to Become a Successful Beauty Supply Store Owner" book specifically lays out the steps to preparing, developing, opening, and running a successful beauty supply store. Both books were written by our company founder, Professor Devin Robinson, who has mastered the strategies he shares with you in these books. This is a great package deal for the early stage entrepreneur.



  Already have The “How To” Book, and ready for more? No Problem!! Get the Resource Book and Audio Quick Start CD. Order Now for $169.99

International orders will require additional shipping fees



  Employee and Operations Manual - $25
A general guideline overview 8x10 format for the Retail Owner.
This book is a guideline for the Retail owner on how to setup their operations. It is an employee handbook that outlines areas that each employee must abide by. Areas such as, Operations Procedures, Vacation, and Opening and Closing Procedures are enclosed. It is not specific to each store. If you would like a customized version for your store, see below for details.

    International orders will require additional shipping fees

  Customized Employee and Operations Manual - $250
Make our manual your own!! We will transform the manual to include your company name and logo information into a 6x9 binded, ready made manual for employee use. Ensure each new hire has their own book and eliminate excuses on policy violations!
Price Includes:
  • 1x Set up fee
  • Client Assessment
  • 10 Copies


    International orders will require additional shipping fees


  How To Become a Successful Beauty Supply Store Owner - $24.95
Hands down this well crafted book has it all! Chapter by Chapter you will learn what it takes to open your own store without all the fluff information. Figure out how much it will cost to open a store with our “Proven” formula.

Due to retailing regulations, this book does not provide specific wholesale prices for products.

Learn about the book, Click Here

    International orders will require additional shipping fees

  Funding Sources Guidebook - $79
Short on capital or collateral? Poor credit? No friends or family to help? Get a wide listing of non-traditional funding sources. Many of these sources require no credit or collateral. They offer funds for new and existing businesses.

    International orders will require additional shipping fees

Refund Policy: The are no refunds on products that have been delivered and accepted by the customer.

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