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Store Services


Store Reset

If you are currently not automated, you are not prepared for growth. Many small retail operators view this as an additional cost but the bigger costs is on the back-end of not having a point-of-sale system. The loss of sales by not having products, keeping a close watch on employees, doing inventory, managing cash, knowing good or bad sellers, knowing peak times, etc. is financially damaging! We can convert an entire beauty supply store in as little as 1-3 days.



Store Analysis - (for existing owners)

Analysis of the Market - Location - Suite (S.W.O.T. Analysis)

An analysis on the Market Stage (Intro, Growth, Maturity & Decline), Location (Solvency & Potency), and Suite (Logic) will be conducted. A full report of where the business is and where more can be will be generated.

Analysis of the Store - Stress Test (Cost per Square Foot, Sales per Square Foot, Market Share, Service Experience Observation)

A Stress Test will be conducted on the store's operations. This critical analysis will closely examine the financials (cash-flow) and financial analytics (loans, market share, average sales of the customer, and lifetime value of each customer) of the business will be extracted.

Suggestions will be made by our firm and delivered to the client. Feedback is encouraged and a 1-hour collaborative session with the client will be made available for up to 30 days after the report.



Strategic Sessions
Don't wait until you are down to your last resort to contact us. If you are in business and not reaching your goals, get with us as today. The #1 reason for business failure is ignorance. The #2 reason is pride. Don't fall victim to business failure. We've effectively turned around many businesses but it's harder the longer you wait. We will work like your invisible hand to whip your business into shape.


  15 Ways to Grow Your Beauty Supply Store 2 CD Set $20
This CD provides very unique, specific, and cost-effective information to current owners to help them increase their bottom line. Revenues can be found in very interesting places and BSI identifies them in this CD.

Due to industry confidentiality we protect, only verifiable store owners are allowed to purchase this product.



  Store Shadowing & Reset

We come out and assess your current operations. This service is great for stores with employees that need training. This service is a 5-step process: Opening Procedures, Operating Procedures, Emergency Procedures, Marketing Procedures and Closing Procedures will be the focus.








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